Hair is under constant attack from the environment.Hair

Plus, more and more people chemically process their hair.

Thus, the hair needs to be strengthened and fortified to defend itself from the harsh aggressors it is exposed to daily.










All L’ANZA therapeutic formulations address the cause of damaged hair and not just the symptoms.

Our Healing Care products strengthen the hair to withstand the stresses of daily living. L’ANZA not only makes your hair look younger, but it actually heals and strengthens the hair for lasting health and beauty.


BLOW DRYS From £20

Blo Out Bouncy Blo Dry £25
Hair Up £25 - £30
GHD Curls from £15
Cut & Blow Dry from £35
Re-Style from £40
Child's Dry Cut £10
Gents from £10




Kebelo Blow Dry from £99
L'anza Emergency Service £40(includes blow dry)



COLOUR (Includes Cut & Blow Dry)

Re-Growth from £45
Full Head Tint from £55
Full Head Foils from £70
Full Head Foils & Tint from £80
Half Head Foils from £55
T Bar from £45
Fashion Colours (price on consultation)
Colour Correction (price on consultation)


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