Using a high quality hot waxing system, Perron Rigot is the premier logo-perron-rigot (1)beauty-care treatment because it is natural, respects the skin, and serves as the preliminary to many other treatments.




This allows our therapists carry out your waxing treatment to this highest level of comfort whilst ensuring that hygiene levels are met at all times.






Eyebrows £10
Lip or Chin £8
Lip & Chin £14
Lip, Chin & Eyebrow £22
Lip, Chin & Side of Face £18
Half Leg £17
Bikini Line £10
Extended Bikini Line From £17
Underarms £10
Half Leg with either Bikini, Underarm or Eyebrow £25
Half Leg, Bikini with Underarm or Eyebrow £30
Full Leg £25
Full Leg & Bikini Line £30
Full Leg, Bikini & either Underarm or Eyebrow £35
Full Leg, Bikini with Underarm & Eyebrow £40
Forearms £15
Full Arms £20
Gent's Back or Chest Wax £25



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