3D Dermology – What is Cellulite?


To understand the treatment of cellulite it is important firstly to understand why we get it.

Beneath the skin lies a pattern of connective tissue that separates the skin from the underlying muscle.

Connective tissue is a network of cells that connects, supports, and encloses other tissues and organs of the body.

Fat deposits that form in the spaces of the connective tissue stick together and bulge outward; circulation is inhibited and toxins become trapped.


Anyone can get cellulite including very thin people.

3D Dermology work on the principle of vacuum massage and aim to loosen or break down displaced fat and disperse the lumps of fat into a smooth layer, while also encouraging lymphatic drainage to further release built-up toxins.

The 3D Dermology system is a vacuum system engineered to reduce the appearance of cellulite through a mechanical breakdown of fat and to disperse the lumps of fat into a smooth layer. It also increases lymphatic drainage to assist in the elimination of waste products and excess fluid.

Larger areas of fat benefit from fat removal and dermology combined where as thinner people with cellulite only could benefit from dermology alone or indeed combined with skin tightening.

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