3D Cavitation

3D CAVITATIONEasy Fat Loss & Slimming

3d cavitation


This treatment is the latest non-invasive body contouring treatment for fat removal.

It can be used on most areas of the body and is particularly beneficial for people with larger areas of fat.

It uses scientifically proven non-invasive ultrasound technology to breakdown unwanted fat.

Cavitation selectively targets fat cells in the chosen body area without harming surrounding tissues such as nerves or blood vessels.

The fat is used as energy and processed in the liver.

This is comparable to burning fat at the gym with the huge added benefit of the fat burning occurring in your desired area.





Why choose 3D Cavitation?

  • excellent at reducing larger fat masses
  • treatment for stubborn cellulite
  • breaks down fat gradually therefore manageable levels of toxins
  • permanently eliminates fat cells
  • non surgical alternative to liposuction
  • no discomfort or downtime
  • excellent combo with cyroelectrothorosis for fat removal
  • excellent combo with derma roller for treatment of cellulite Course required

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